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While many people need addiction treatment, many do not receive it. Sometimes, an individual does not believe they have an addiction or need treatment. Others may not believe they have the resources to seek treatment, or they don’t believe it can help. You may feel that you can always seek treatment at a later date.

The process of starting treatment begins with you, and we’re on your side to help you every step of the way. Our network of drug detox and drug rehabilitation programs gives you the tools to break the chains of addiction.

Addiction treatment in Minnesota is only a phone call away. When you decide to begin a drug abuse program, you’ll start a treatment plan customized for you and your needs. Call (866) 274-4910 and talk to one of our addiction specialists about what we can do. We look forward to hearing from you.

Drug Rehabs Minnesota Help

We can help

Our experienced and knowledgeable addiction specialists are available to help you understand the steps to recovery. We are a network of addiction treatment providers with the skills to walk you through a customized treatment plan. We will explain the different treatment options available, including drug and alcohol inpatient treatment and aftercare options during recovery.

There are several advantages to using a network of providers, such as experience and compassion at every step. From the day you call until the day you leave, every provider you meet will offer you the best care possible. After you leave, we look forward to following up with you in order to celebrate your recovery. You can always contact us with questions or concerns after your time with us. Call today: (866) 274-4910.

Minnesota Addiction Treatment Centers

Drug addiction treatment in Minnesota

Drug addiction has consequences such as loss of employment, increased health care costs and possible criminal justice system expenses. The costs are not just financial. Others include broken families, mental health issues and even loss of life.

Addiction does not happen overnight. You may have started using substances in an attempt to self-medicate depression or another mental illness. You might have started as a result of peer pressure. You are not alone.

Drug addiction is a serious problem, and we want to help. If you need to talk to someone about substance abuse in Minnesota, speak live to one of our addiction professionals at (866) 274-4910. We can provide information about inpatient substance abuse treatment or outpatient addiction treatment, and help you on the path to drug addiction recovery. For those with alcohol addiction, we can provide information about a suitable alcohol detox program.

Minnesota Addiction Treatment Network

Advantages of our network of addiction treatment providers

Our website is a great source of information when you are ready for drug detox and rehabilitation. We help you avoid the guesswork when it is time to find the best treatment option for you. You’ll discover information about our network of addiction treatment providers as well as information about addiction recovery overall.

Through this site, you’ll be able to learn more about the recovery process and how we continue to help after you complete the program. You can trust us to help you find a Minnesota drug rehab facility or a drug rehab facility that’s out-of-state, and provide information about the steps you’ll need to take when it’s time to join one. You may even be able to expedite the process by filling out paperwork ahead of time.

We understand that it’s not easy to commit to a complete lifestyle change. We also understand that recovery is a lifelong journey; addiction is not an overnight process, and neither is recovery. If you’re ready to start the process and change your life, one of our addiction specialists can help.

You’ll work with empathetic and compassionate providers who have walked this path with many others just like yourself. They’ve seen individuals completely turn their lives around after years of addiction. It’s never too late to start restoring your health and treating the root cause of drug dependency.

When you’ve decided to begin drug rehabilitation, we’re ready to talk to you about your options for drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in Minnesota. From drug or alcohol detox to rehabilitation and recovery, you’ll find that there is a better life waiting for you after addiction. Regardless of the cause of your addiction, you can fight and take back your life. Pick up the phone and reach out to one of our addiction specialists at (866) 274-4910.


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