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Substance abuse is a growing problem in the United States. In Minnesota, drug abuse rates tripled between 2011 and 2014.

If this is something familiar to you or your family, let us help you to discover solutions. Whether the issue is one of reliance on street drugs or an overuse of prescription medications, substance abuse recovery is imperative for people whose lives are dependent on drug use. Give us a call to discuss your options at (866) 274-4910.

Minnesota drug rehab

If you have never sought treatment, it may be confusing at first to consider the different kinds of treatment options available. There are two main kinds of substance abuse treatment centers: those for inpatient drug abuse treatment and those for outpatient drug addiction recovery. Both are known to provide effective drug treatment strategies.

In addition, both provide similar counseling regimes that are designed to help clients first manage their health and prevent future occurrences. In some cases, they may be used in stages as your needs shift.

Inpatient drug rehab in Minnesota is geared toward treating the client with round-the-clock care and counseling in a community of other people who are working toward recovery. It has been found that care in an inpatient drug abuse rehabilitation program is ideal for clients who need a medically assisted drug detox program, who lack a safe or supportive home environment, or who have other medical factors (like dual diagnosis) that make them unable to cope on their own. The experience of living among others who are also receiving substance abuse treatment can give the client additional support as they embark on their path to recovery.

After you have achieved sobriety in an inpatient drug rehabilitation center in Minnesota, or one that’s out-of-state, your counselors may suggest an outpatient plan. Depending on your individual situation, outpatient therapy in a health care center may be recommended while you return home and resume your normal activities. Others may need to transition into a sober living home, where they will receive counseling while having the support of living in a sober environment. This kind of living situation is often recommended for clients who seem to be at high risk of relapse after they leave their drug abuse treatment.

Outpatient drug rehab offers one-on-one and group counseling options that are similar to those available in an inpatient treatment center for substance abuse treatment in Minnesota. However, you would not stay at an inpatient drug treatment center, but at home or in a halfway house or other supervised living center. This is an excellent choice if you believe you have a problem with addiction but it has not yet prevented your ability to be productive. If you are a student or are working, this is a way to continue these activities while seeking help. Speak to a live addiction professional today to discuss your options: (866) 274-4910.


Preparing for inpatient addiction treatment in Minnesota

Before you even enter a Minnesota addiction treatment program, seeking help is often the scariest part of the entire process. People who are facing a crisis due to uncontrolled use of intoxicants may reach a “moment of truth” as far as their substance use is concerned. Realizing that you are powerless to do this alone is a crucial turning point for many clients. Others may face an intervention by friends and family. Whether the forces that bring you toward treatment are external or internal, it will be your strength that is needed to succeed. We understand how difficult this process can be, and we have an compassionate and experienced staff of addiction specialists that will work with you to find precisely the right program to set you on the path to freedom.

There are a few steps that will make your transition easier. If you are leaving behind responsibilities like bills, pets, or children, you must find supportive people that you trust to take over while you’re away. If you are in school or holding down a job, you will likely need to ask for a leave of absence. If you are leaving an unsafe situation, you may want to prepare to leave that place permanently when you go. Pack your items in storage or leave them with a friend while you are away. If you are unsure of what to do, call our addiction professionals at (866) 274-4910 to receive advice and assistance.

Social and family support

Asking for help is rarely easy. It involves facing one’s issues with clarity and courage. However, access to help from a strong social and family support network is an important part of maintaining your recovery when you have completed treatment. As a part of treatment, our counselors will work with you to explore the people in your life and the relationship patterns that you have. They may recommend that you distance yourself from those who create unsafe situations or who encourage a return to drug use. They may also help you to learn how to foster healthier relationships with others. This is a particularly important part of women’s therapy, as it has been shown that a woman’s ability to make and maintain healthy relationships is one of the cornerstone indicators of her success in drug rehabilitation.

If you are coming to treatment with a supportive family or you are seeking help for an estranged loved one, we will work to help you establish a network of support for everyone involved. Whether you are across the country or in Minnesota, inpatient addiction treatment will work best if there’s a strong support network. Teens who can reestablish a bond with their parents, single mothers who reconnect with children and learn to be responsible caregivers, and men who recommit to their loved ones will all find that their recovery goes smoother if they have a network to come home to.

Daily life in drug rehab

The care in an inpatient treatment program will typically begin with a period of detoxification that is performed under supervision by a healthcare professional. If you require medical intervention to help alleviate some of the more extreme withdrawal symptoms, our professional staff can recommend a number of safe and effective programs. Once the chemicals are adequately removed from the system, you begin counseling in a one-on-one environment as well as in a group setting. Additionally, clients in treatment may also be encouraged to take part in group activities like nature hikes, horseback riding, yoga, or art therapy classes. Recreational activities like this can help you to connect with forgotten parts of yourself and discover new passions to pursue in your drug-free future.

Outpatient drug rehab in Minnesota is available through treatment centers in state, or out-of-state that offer healthcare support and counseling. Clients who enroll in outpatient treatment plans can have healthcare check-ins as well as counseling sessions at set times on a regular basis. All of these programs give the client a stable base for maintaining sobriety while also receiving care from experienced healthcare professionals.

If you or a loved one needs help finding an outpatient or inpatient drug abuse program in Minnesota that offers real help with addiction treatment, call us today. Our professional, caring staff of addiction professionals is ready to assist you in finding the help that you need, so don’t hesitate. Call (866) 274-4910 today!